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As you may or may not know, scifiland is closing this week. We've had a FABULOUS RUN here at Team Sidekick, and it's because of all of you that this team has been so marvelous.

With that said, Team Sidekick is officially opening its doors to any and all past members. I see many people are still watching the comm, so I hope this catches your eye and you'll think of joining us again. I can't promise that the Sidekick comm will be active after Scifiland's close, but I'd still love for you all to feel free to re-join the comm. I don't care when you left, why you left, or how long you were a member; I don't care if you went to another team, and I don't even care if you like that team better. I promised everyone a long time ago that Sidekick would always be here as a home to its members, past and present, and it will be.

Feel free to request your membership now, and one of us will accept you! No application required! Of course, you can't do any of the challenges ending in the next couple of days, but you can cheer us on!

We'll be doing a few end-of-Scifiland activities here in the team comm, and you are all invited and encouraged to participate in those, even if you didn't do this phase. We're going to celebrate our run here, and we can't do that without YOU.

TL;DR (teal deer): WE LOVE YOU. COME HOME.

Your Mods. :)

P.S., Feel free to poke past Sidekicks if you see them around and think they'd like to re-join us. 
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